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The recovery, rehabilitation and independence of service users is at the heart of everything we do at Maison Moti.

To us this means empowering service users to ensure they are included and in control of all aspects of their life, not least in respect of the care and support services we provide. We believe that recovery and independence is not possible without empowerment!

Our service delivery model is designed with this in mind, and our Specialist Recovery Support Workers are trained to promote service user inclusion and to encourage full and active participation in all decisions concerning their welfare and service provision. To supplement and enhance the work by operational staff we employ a full-time dedicated Service User Empowerment Coordinator (SUEC).

The SUEC’s primary role is to include, engage with and help develop the self-worth, confidence and abilities of our service users. The services and interventions provided by the SUEC in this regard fall under the following broad headings:

Emotional & social development

Issues of negative self-construct and esteem are sadly common for people with long term/ enduring mental health conditions.

Work to help service users develop a positive sense of self is fundamental, and without which service users are unlikely to develop the range of social and practical skills they need to live a more independent life in the community.

We provide a range of initiatives, workshops, and activities to help our service users with self-worth, recognise that they can make a valuable contribution to society, to develop a more positive outlook for the future and to enhance their interpersonal and social skills.


Practical skills and abilities

Many service users spend long periods of time in institutional settings, where over time their ability to perform the tasks associated with daily living can erode. At Maison Moti we encourage and promote increasing levels of independence. This forms part of the identified development areas included in individual support plans and is implemented on a day-to-day basis at the project level. This is complemented and enhanced by centrally provided activities and workshops run by the SUEC.

Healthy living

The correlation between mental illness and poor physical health is well documented. People with mental health are at increased risk of several serious health conditions, including diabetes, heart conditions and obesity. As part of our service we encourage regular health examinations, carry out frequent weight and blood pressure checks and encourage healthier eating and physical exercise.

This work is supported by our SUEC who provides educational workshops on this topic and facilitates various initiatives to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Social support network

Relationships with family, relatives and friends is a fundamental and necessary part of life providing us with the support, resilience and confidence we need to deal with the things that life throws at us. Sadly, many people with mental health also suffer the loss, rejection and isolation of having few people who actively remain involved in their personal lives.

The services we provide at Maison Moti recognise this and aim to help our service users to re-establish estranged relationships and to build new ones to strengthen their social support network.

Education, training, volunteering & employment

Being meaningfully occupied is a prerequisite to a positive self-regard and unfortunately many people with mental health conditions are too often not engaged in education, training, voluntary work, or employment. Recognising this we focus several activities, workshops and events to get our service users to prepare for and enrol in programs and courses that can eventually lead to employment. This includes a range of volunteering opportunities and involvement in social enterprises. Click here for more information

All our empowerment activities are designed to promote independence but with the understanding that service users are unlikely to engage with community based or universal services in the first instance. Hence the services we provide internally are intended as a stepping stone leading onto externally provided services, once the service user has developed a level of confidence and motivation to engage in the community.

Service User Reviews

I first came to Maison Moti from the hospital more than ten years ago. Since then, I’ve lived in various services run by the company. Each one had a different level of support, but they all felt homely.

The staff made me feel welcome, supported, and accepted. And I never expected to end up in care, but that’s the hand I was dealt. Despite wishing for things to have turned out differently, I’m grateful to have been fortunate enough to be in a place somewhere I feel respected, cared for, and welcomed.

Terry, 12 years at various services

Hi, my name is Steven, and I’ve given the staff permission to write this review on my behalf. I’ve been living in my current home for a few years now. Prior to that, I was homeless after coming from overseas, and the stress of my situation and being in a new environment unfortunately led to my illness. After receiving help from the hospital, I was placed at Casa Moti. Even though I was nervous and anxious, I found the staff at the service to be welcoming and accepting of me. It made me feel safe and relieved me from worrying about how I would get through each day. Now, I’m excited to pursue the things I love, like music, traveling to see friends and family, and attending church. Casa Moti is truly my home.

Steven, Casa Moti

The staff at Maison Moti have played a crucial role in helping me rebuild my relationships with my family and friends. I am grateful for their support and encouragement. I never thought I would be able to live on my own again, but thanks to the support I received from the staff at Maison Moti, I am now in a position where I have all the pieces of my life back together.

Nicholas, ex-service user

Maison Moti is not just a care home; it’s my home. I genuinely enjoy living here. The staff are kind to me and treat me well. Being able to have my family involved means the world to me, and the staff always make sure that happens. I don’t want to move or go anywhere else. The only thing I wish for is a bit more space to listen to my music.

Vjay, Maison Moti care home