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This service represents the final stage of our step-down service range.

It is for users who have progressed to live in their own accommodation but require a period of support to orientate and settle them into the community, to help them apply and set up things such benefits, utilities etc and establish a structure and routine they can maintain.

The service can of course be offered as longer term or ongoing for users who require this.

Community outreach can also be provided to users as an early intervention and prevention service to help prevent mental health relapse and maintain the user in their own home.

The service is provided by way of outreach visits by our Specialist Recovery Support Workers for an agreed number of hours and days per week, subject to a minimum package of 2 hours.

Travel time is included as part of the hourly rate. An additional charge for travel may be applicable, subject to cost, which will be determined by the means of travel, distance and/ or the route.

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