Make a Referral

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Making a referral for our services is simple.

Just send us an email to attaching relevant reports as follows providing up-to-date information about the prospective service user.

This should include their background and current circumstances

  • NRisk assessment
  • 5*(An HCR-20 is required for service users with a forensic history)
  • NCare plan
  • NPsychiatric report
  • NSocial circumstances report
  • NReport on ADL
  • NDischarge summary

NB: The prospective service user must be an adult and have a diagnosed mental health condition. (We will consider an associated learning disability, assuming that it is of a low-moderate level)

Please state which of our service types the referral is for, and the location if relevant.

Our Referrals Coordinator will respond ASAP advising of suitable vacancies and arrange for an assessment to be conducted.

The findings of the assessment will then be discussed at an Assessment Determination Meeting with a member of our senior management team.

This will be followed with an email advising of the decision, and if a service is offered the terms and anticipated / target time scale by which the service user can be prepared for move-on to less supported services.