Recovery, independence and move on

At Maison Moti we believe that people with a mental health diagnosis can be supported to live fulfilled and independent lives


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Welcome to Maison Moti

We are on a mission to prove that:

  • It is possible to provide high quality personalised services that progress people into greater independence
  • This can be done at prices that are competitive
    (And reduce with the user stepping-down, thus providing excellent value for money)
  • All this can be done whilst being a great employer

Our track record shows that the above is possible, in spite of the numerous issues and challenges inherent in the social care sector. Ultimately, our aim is to improve sector standards.

Our Homes

The service types we provide, namely Residential care, Shared housing, Supported housing, Floating support and Community outreach facilitate our mission and aims, allowing our users to be stepped down to the most independent service and lifestyle they are capable of.

We operate several schemes, most are in North London, in Enfield, Haringey, Barnet and Brent, with some in Hertfordshire, Redbridge, and Barking and Dagenham.

Our Culture and Values

What makes us who we are as a company is our ethics and values.

At the heart of this is the care, compassion and overriding priority we give to our service users.

Staff are our next most important consideration, as it is their dedication and competence that produces the outcomes for users, and in turn our success as a company.


Service user involvement is integral to achieving the outcomes we seek for them. Engagement at all stages of the Service Delivery Model, and with the tasks and activities to achieve support goals is a must.

Beyond this we want service users to help inform and shape our services. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our services are provided in the most user centric way possible.


Not content to operate at the minimum sector standards, we set, communicate, audit and continuously up our own standards on every aspect of our provision.

Our drive on quality and continuous improvement is relentless.

It is reflected in the high specification of the accommodation, fixtures, fittings and furnishings as well as the care and support services we provide.

What People are Saying

“I have been with Maison Moti for 18 months.

It’s a nice building and nice area.  There is a nice age range of people at this service so we can learn from each other.

Also, if you feel lonely you can go to office and talk to staff.”


“It’s a privilege to be here at this care home. Staff are wonderful, many nationalities across the globe and everyone speaks many languages here. My room is cleaned regularly.

Food is excellent I always ask the chef for fish, salad, water and yogurt.”

Nicole: Residential care service at Maison Moti Care Home (Southgate, Enfield)

“My experience of Maison Moti is pretty good. This is my second time being here, the thing I love most about this place is, if you want to achieve independence or get wherever you want to be in life, they will definitely help you achieve that. Staff are happy and want to see you are winning.”

Rei: Supported housing service at Moti Villa (Enfield)

“Immediately when I got to this project, I felt this is the one for me.

It was homely and the manager and staff were very welcoming.

Now I am ready to step down, more than ready. You have to get up every day have a good routine, watch what you eat learn new skills so you can get your own flat.”

Yassin: Shared housing service at Moti Place (Hendon, Barnet)

“The warm welcome I received from the other SU’s It made me feel right at home that first night I spent in my own bed the nervousness went.

Staff answer any issue I have quickly and effectively. I would recommend this place to anyone else who suffers with MH issues whether that is one side of the spectrum to the other.

The support they provide here is unmatched.”

Alfie: Supported housing service at Moti Mansions (Dagenham, Essex)